Lost on Blackbird, somewhere in California

Lost on Blackbird, somewhere in California

My name is Mike. I grew up in Chicago and currently live in Brooklyn. I spend my days teaching high school science and my off time on the road.

I like to travel and I like to take photos. This is where I collect stories and photos from my travels. Along the way, I'll try to limit just how pompous a travel blog can become.

On the docket for 2017:

  • Road tripping to the Adirondacks to meet up with a hiking buddy from Iceland
  • Surviving a week-long bachelor party in Las Vegas and Southern Utah
  • Marching on Washington D.C. for Earth Day
  • Seeing my former students graduate in Los Angeles
  • Hanging around San Francisco and Oakland for a couple of days before walking the John Muir Trail
  • A cross-country train ride from San Francisco back to New York
  • Spending a week camping in New Hampshire for a friend's wedding
  • Running the Chicago Marathon for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago
  • Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro -- summiting on New Year's Day, 2018

I take most of my photos on a Nikon 1 V3 and -- occasionally -- an iPhone 7 Plus.